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If you have never experienced coaching before, you are in for a treat! The coaching relationship is a magical interaction, built on trust, honesty, non-judgement, and compassionate support. When you are able to explore situations and stuck places in your life in a space that allows you to safely express, shift, heal and grow, enabling life-altering insights, extraordinary discoveries, and profound self-alignment. 

If change was easy, everyone would likely be walking around a lot more satisfied with themselves. So why not get someone on your team that has actually been trained in supporting change, accomplishing goals, and promoting transformative personal development.

For the most part, your coaching journey will be as unique as you are. You get to let me know what you most want to work on, and we build topics and tools around that. I also offer two specialized Lifestyle Programs that are more structured for with specific outcomes in mind: the rEvolutionary Weight Loss program, and the Plant Powered plant-based health and wellness program.

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An Integrated Session is actually a combination of Coaching, which works with your cognitive consciousness (your thinking/aware brain), and Emotional Release Work, which works with your subconscious (your reactive/unaware brain), into a single session. 


Your subconscious is responsible for 95% of your thoughts every day, meaning you are not consciously controlling most of the thoughts you produce, your subconscious is. Which makes addressing change at the subconscious level (like your baggage, triggers, and patterns), along with the conscious level (like practicing tools, skills, new habits, perspectives, and mindsets), has been extremely transformative beyond powerful. 

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Integrative Sessions
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