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From the moment you arrive, enjoyable and meaningful experiences are lovingly crafted to enhance, honor, and celebrate wherever you are at on your path and support you in where it is you want to be heading! 

Sarah and Danielle partner together to provide a variety of opportunities to play, rest, connect, and offer purposeful activities and workshops. Our aim is to offer you a chance to truly find what you are looking for, to find your retreat!


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In this very intimate and intentional day retreat, we pamper your body and and spirit with grounding and purposeful activities, you will also experience your own personal rotation of practitioners drenching you in luxurious healing and restoration. That's right, you are not just an attendee in a group, you are going to receive 4 sessions, you only have to book once!

For this special day, you will have a team of people taking care of you from the inside out, leaving you feeling replenished and reconnected, reset and recentered.

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It's time to connect and reconnect. It's time to strengthen and remember our connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the universe around us. 

Offering a variety of experiences to help you unwind and ground, connect with yourself, your joy, to pamper or be pampered, and find strength and celebration in the supporting energy of your fellow women.

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The emphasis was on unlocking self-love, self-care, and enhance connection with our Highest Self. A balance was created around, play and down-time, bonding activities and time together, self-discovery journeys, and sacred, empowering, and magical moments.

Healthy, flavorful, and lovingly crafted, plant-based meals were provided to nourish the heart as well the body and palate. 

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