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  • How does coaching work?
    Coaching is a dynamic partnership that's formed in order to discover what works best for that individual to enable change. This supportive relationship helps you determine what it is in life you what to change, how to make that change possible, and encouragement as you navigate uncharted territory towards achieving your goals.
  • We work online only?
    Our time together will be entirely online, allowing your program to easily fit into your life. After you contact me I will send you what you need to get ready for our first chat, simple as that. ​ We use a free application called Zoom to video chat, and is both available for computer and smartphone. This way, as long as you can find a quiet spot, we can make it happen! The magic of stable internet is important. If you aren't using wifi when you use your phone, personal data rates could apply.
  • Why do you recommend a 6-month program?
    A 6-month program is very important for a few reasons, but most importantly: This allows us to have enough time to reinforce changes and support new healthy patterns before the end of our time together; - it enables us the chance to work with many more factors that contribute to health issues, not just focus on one or two; - it allows us to be partnered together for enough time that we will be working through the normal ups and downs of life. In the 3-month Mini Program we won't have as much room to connect with as many goals and challenges, and we don't have as much time build as much momentum. Extending a your program or doing follow up sessions can help you stay on track after your Mini Program is over, though. For those interested, chat with me about the "Coach-on-Call" option. We meet for a 1-hour session, only when you want or need it.
  • Do you work with my doctor?
    Many people that seek coaching have been recommended by their health care professional to make changes. I am always happy to partner with your practitioner(s) and their recommendations. Physicians are always thrilled with the results accomplished through the Fit and Flow Programs. ​ Please note that anyone with a diagnosed medical condition should check with their doctors before making changes to their diet or physical activity. Recommendations by your coach are made based on generally well-functioning health and may not be appropriate based on medical conditions, prescriptions, or environmental factors, so please consult your physician.
  • Do you do automatic payments?
    You can choose to pay in full (which always saves you money), or to make monthly automatic payments. We accept credit cards and PayPal. Payment arrangements are set durring program enrollment. The payments are automatically processed once every month of your program.
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