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Coaching is truly exciting work! It creates a dedicated space to work on, and work through, the things that hold you back from creating the life you want to live. It's a very action-oriented method of getting clear about your goals, how you might achieve them, what is it that gets in your way, and and choosing the ways to break through those barriers. When it comes to coaching, it's all about those results!

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Emotional Release Work is a healing modality (also referred to as The Emotion Code) that uses information from your subconscious to determine the stressors and traumas trapped in your body. Using principles from acupuncture medicine, we permanently release those trapped experiences, giving you freedom from physical (and chronic) pain, haunting triggers, and emotional baggage that's typically associated with trapped emotions that are left in the body over time (learn more).

Integrated Sessions

Integrated Sessions are where I think the magic really happens: working with both the consciousness through coaching, as well as the subconscious through emotional release work. In a session, as we discuss something you want to work on, we can both release the blockages that you would normally have to put a lot of effort into overcoming consciously, and then also create tools and practicies to support the new shifts you are ready to choose for yourself. It's a dynamic process of putting down what you no longer want around and at the same time picking up what you do. The results? Profound transformation and self-alignment.

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