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At 73 years of age, I’ve gathered a trainload of baggage. Deep wounds that have resided in my mind and body. I did not know how to offload all that baggage, so the load just got bigger and bigger. 


Then Danielle came into my life. 


Danielle has many gifts, among them is her ability to listen, really listen. She is incredibly intuitive. It’s almost like she gets into my mind and wanders around looking and finding little gems covered in muck. She then formulates a plan to help me abandon the muck and let the gem shine through. She does this by helping me to identify the root cause of my issues. This involves her ability to direct my thoughts, opening doors to the root cause of what I will call my misery. 


I’ve been seeing Danielle for a little over a year and the longer we are able to meet, the direction I need to take becomes clearer. Lately we have had so many beautiful “ah ha” moments. In those moments we are connected by the mutual desire to clear the path before me and clearly see the direction I need to go. 


I have been able to understand my family of origin issues, especially with my mother. I have been able to work on forgiving myself for things I’ve done in my past that hurt so many people so deeply. She is helping me learn to love myself. I cannot love others if I cannot love myself first. 


Danielle is so many things. She is professional, she has integrity, she is very well educated, thoughtful, intuitive, kind, and loving. She practices what she believes and she is just, well, wonderful.


Do not hesitate to enter into this amazing world she will share with you. Remember, nothing will be resolved after a couple of meetings. It takes time to dig in and find the direction you need to go. It is well worth your efforts to hang in there and know, she will help you change your life if you are willing to be honest with yourself and are willing to do the work.

-Jeanie P., Napa CA

January, 2024

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I have been working with Danielle for almost a year and the changes which happened to me and my family are just wonderful. I have become aware and could let go of subconscious beliefs, old behavior patterns and painful embodied emotions. Danielle helped me to replace the old patterns with new and healthier ones and as a result the relationship with myself, my partner and my teenage daughter, have deepened so much. I have been in therapy for over a decade of my adult life because of childhood trauma and I can truly say that the work with Danielle has done more for me in 9 months than years of therapy. 


Danielle is not only healing through her knowledge of the emotional release technique, but also through her empathetic and loving nature. She is always present during the sessions and I feel heard and seen.  


When I started working with Danielle I was skeptic how a simple technique, done over Zoom, could possibly help me. However, I am so glad that I gave it a try, My life has changed to the better and I can wholeheartedly recommend Danielle to anyone who would like to work on understanding and releasing their emotions and ingrained behavioral patterns.

-Varena W., CA

June, 2023

I've done emotional release with my 3yr old and have gotten amazing changes! 

He had blocks affecting his attachment to me - now its way better.

He had blocks around speech - now he's chatting away.

He had blocks with drooling and he almost never drools now! 

I am a nurse and I reached out to all modern day medicine for above issues for over a year now and got very limited improvement. I did emotional release with my son for two months- and now all of those issues are resolved!

-Jaime M., CA

January, 2023

I am so grateful for you and your work. I did therapy for many years, and haven't really had significant breakthroughs. After working with you for just a few months, I feel things are shifting. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

-Anonymous Client., CA

December, 2022

I had to stop everything I was doing and write this to you: oh my goodness my back and hips have had an extremely noticeable improvement since we worked together. I’m talking constant aching, discomfort, and popping with occasional unbearable pain to completely fine and not even something that has been on my mind. While I was at work today, I felt like I was able to fully move my body comfortably, which totally made a huge difference.


You are so incredibly amazing and I’ve been talking about you every chance I get to the people in my life when they say they notice a difference in me.

-Anonymous Client,

November, 2022

Before working with Danielle, I had struggled with weight loss even though I worked out 4 times a week. I didn’t realize it then, however through conversations over health, food, and weight, I discovered that I also struggled with self-confidence and self-worth, and how detrimental they were to my overall mental health and well-being. After just one year of working with Danielle, I was able to lose weight and get into my dream wedding dress feeling like my best self!


I no longer struggle with any of these issues and am happy to say that she helped me discover what types of food are best for my body, to trust myself, be patient, find things I love doing, all while feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin. I did lose weight working with Danielle, however this was actually was not even among my most favorite things I benefited from through my work with her. I highly recommend chatting with Danielle, the energy she brings and knowledge of overall health, one can learn so many beautiful things about themselves and feel just as great as I do!

-Elon V., CA

November, 2022

The ER (Emotional Release) work that Danielle does is absolutely Magical. I barely have words to articulate how profound the work is. I have been doing healing and transformational work of many kinds for over 30 years, and nothing compares. We were, in a single session, actually removing things that I had been working on for years, some that I had even thought I had “handled”, over and over again and would still struggle with. There was an immediate difference in my physical level of pain in several areas of chronic pain. And Danielle, has the most compassionate, grounded nature, she creates such a safe place. I cannot rave enough about Danielle and this work that she does. I am obsessed. Everyone needs to do this work. And do it with Danielle.


Jinnifer M., Sonoma County, CA,

June, 2022

Thank you for being such a caring and passionate coach. I appreciate your ability to reframe and reword things with clarity and focus on key points when I communicate my thoughts. I appreciate your willingness to take time to makes notes, go over time, text questions, reschedule or jump on a random call. I appreciate your passion to learn, grow, combine knowledge and be non judgemental. I appreciate how you don't let my stories influence you. I appreciate how easy it is to talk to you! Thank you for caring, actively listening and being a huge part of my personal growth.


Current Client, CA,

Nov, 2021

Today was so amazing and I am so blown away about the profound change in my pain level in my shoulders. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you so much!!

-Willa A., CA

March, 2022

I am so grateful to be working with Danielle! 2020 was a time of so much uncertainty, both in the world and personally. Danielle helped me to understand, accept, and release emotions I was holding onto that were causing me anxiety. With her help to let go of the emotions I've trapped, I've felt so much lighter and have been able to be fully present in my daily life again.

-Jennifer W., CA

February, 2022

Thank you for being such a caring and passionate coach. I appreciate your ability to reframe and reword things with clarity and focus on key points when I communicate my thoughts. I appreciate your willingness to take time to makes notes, go over time, text questions, reschedule or jump on a random call. I appreciate your passion to learn, grow, combine knowledge and be non judgemental. I appreciate how you don't let my stories influence you. I appreciate how easy it is to talk to you! Thank you for caring, actively listening and being a huge part of my personal growth.


Current Client, CA,

Nov, 2021

Thank you Danielle! I'm feeling like you are helping me with what I most needed help with, communication, and I am so thankful for that. I appreciate you fitting me in last minute, and I'm thankful I was able to get to a space where I was able to have a constructive conversation with [my friend]. 

Anonymous Client, CA,

Aug, 2021

Working with Danielle has been, and continues to be, nothing short of transformational. When I first began working with her I wasn't exactly sure what to expect as I had never worked with a coach before. I have seen many therapists over the years and expected it to be similar. However, I have found it to be SO much better than any other therapy or self-development tool I have ever experienced.

Even at times when I've felt so lost and paralyzed by a situation that I'm not sure how to proceed, somehow Danielle helps me find my way through. She has such a remarkable way of helping me to see things differently and empower myself in so many ways. When I've felt hopeless, confused or stuck, she is always there to shine that beautiful beacon of hope.

She has taught me so many powerful tools and continues to help me hone these valuable life skills. Some of the areas she's helped me in most have been learning effective and healthy communication skills, improving my confidence, my self talk, and self acceptance. I've struggled in these areas my entire life and the progress I am making with her is life changing. She is teaching me how to live my life authentically and effectively and as a result I am watching my world shift in such a positive way.

Danielle is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met. Her energy is loving and genuine and she makes you feel comfortable instantly. I very highly recommend working with her. ​

Sarah I., Northern California

July, 2021

I am so thankful for having Danielle in my life! Last year I was experiencing feelings of uncertainty, with my career and myself, it often led me to having negative thoughts about my worth. I ended up working on so many things with Danielle that I didn't imagine I would.


She goes at my pace and always asks me if I would like to try something first, like a new habit or task, before beginning it. I love that she is always there to listen and be gentle with her guidance. There's always something to improve on, and for me it's important to maintain that work throughout my lifetime. Thanks to Danielle I can say that now I make that one of my main priorities!

Monserrat M., San Diego, CA

April, 2021

I only worked with Danielle a short time, but her kindness, warmth and sincerity showed through from the very first session. She listened intently on my needs, assigned me mini-homework to address those needs, and held me accountable with texts. Above-all, I stepped away from her sessions feeling heard, connected, and loved. Regardless of your goals, she's one amazing lady that you'll be lucky to add into your life!

Mancy M., Northern CA

February, 2021

I love Danielle. She’s so easy to talk with and connect with. She deeply cares about helping people, and helping them achieve their best selves. Goes above and beyond any coaching or therapist I’ve had. She has a great way of making you focus on the thing that makes you grow. Highly recommend her to everyone.

Natalie P. San Francisco, CA

November, 2020

It's hard to put into words how Danielle has influenced my life. She is an amazing human and great example of one living with love and compassion, empathy and kindness. She is knowledgeable, trained, and importantly, she is able to take all of that and distill it down to the key points, and effectively communicate them. She is an exceptional and active listener, able to hear your truth and discuss it without judgement. To find these qualities in a human is of course rare. To find them in one who is deeply and intrinsically motivated to use them to help others is a gift to all of us. She was a coach long before she became one, and I'm grateful for myself and the rest of us that she's found her calling.


I've struggled for years to get back to a healthy lifestyle--to lose weight, gain strength, and find equanimity. Danielle has been an incredible and integral help towards this goal. She shares science and biological fact; she’s helped me in finding my perfect balance between helping make progress forward, without fear of negativity or criticism. And amazingly, she has somehow helped me realize how a bit of meal prep and smart cooking can dramatically alter my desire to eat healthier, and get in all my veggies! :-)


All of this feels great, but it's not just a mental thing. I find myself more calm and committed than ever, and already seeing results. I've lost weight, I’m more balanced and present mentally, and have been sticking with a new and amazing yoga practice I wish I started years ago. Last but not least, one of the most basic and yet powerful aspects that Danielle brings is the solid, foundational, earnest belief in you. It's hard to overstate how powerful and transformative that belief can be, especially if you struggle to find it in yourself. That simple, calm, but vibrant belief--you can do it-- can be the difference between failed attempts and frustration, and actual permanent change. As I sit back and think about my journey, this may actually be the fundamental thing I've lacked in the past, and what is finally getting me seeing true progress and movement forward. 


Danielle is a key ingredient in this new lifestyle and I hope whoever may read this is inspired to work with her as well!


John D., Bay Area, CA

July, 2020

As a coach, Danielle is just pure light - radiating kindness and unconditional acceptance of her clients. Perceptive, insightful and deeply attuned to her clients' needs, she works with you to create an action plan in line with your unique challenges and goals. Supportive does not begin to cover it!

Laura W., Paris, France

April, 2019

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