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Paying it forward.

It seems invariable that those who need the most support usually have the hardest time getting access to resources that could truly help. I don't want money to be the reason you don't get the support you need to make changes to improve your health or life.

I offer a "Donation Day" every month, allowing people the opportunity to donate any amount, even if that donation is nothing at all.

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On the first of every month the Donation Day for that month will open up.


Either contact me via email or text to set up your session, based on the order received and availablility, you are offered an 45-min. session (or 30 min for Children or Animals).


After the session takes place, you may either choose to pay with Venmo (no fee) or use the "Donation Portal" for PayPayl or Credit Card (3% processing fee applied).

Call or text: 707-787-5121

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