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What is a Trapped Emotion?

Online sessions with a certified Emotion Code practitioner allows you to discover transformational healing at the comfort of your own home.


When we have a stressful experience we tend to store pockets emotional energies related to that experience in our bodies. Almost like a memory system for your body, it can serve as a reminder to "help" you avoid those traumas in the future. We usually call this our "emotional baggage."


Yet left unchecked, these pockets of emotions tend to ​lead to imbalances in health and discomfort, chronic pain, reactivity, emotional and psychological pain (like depression and anxiety), illness, you name it.

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Couples Release Work

Because we are working in the arena of triggers and emotional baggage, you might easily imagine the application of a shared session between two people in a relationship that have built up difficult energy and blocks between them, making it difficult to communicate, forgive, and return to a loving connection.

In the session the couple takes turns holding space for, and assisting in the release process, allowing moments of understanding, and perspective shifting. 

Children and animals too!

We don't just trap our own emotions, we can trap the emotions of others, especially those we spend a great deal of time with. So it's no surprise that children benefit from this work. Especially around behavioral concerns, and unexplainable reactions.

And did you know that animals share our limbic system (the emotional processing center in the brain)? Although their emotions may be less complex, they too will absorb the emotions of those they spend time with. This work has been amazing for rescues, fosters, captive wildlife, etc.

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