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April 28-30, 2023

Saint Dorothy's Rest, Occidental, CA

Anyone who identifies as a women, and agrees to the tenants of the Spirit Sisters of Sonoma County are welcome.

This retreat is for women who desire a little time and space to connect with themselves, with nature, and more significantly crave to be to be seen, supported, and celebrated by other like-hearted women, but who are usually too strapped for time or money to ever make this happen for herself.

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This retreat was designed to whisk you away from the busy churn of your daily life, and drop you gently into the bosom of a sacred grove of ancient trees. Wake up in your summer-camp reminiscent accommodations, to the quiet song of the forest. For just a few days, it's all about what you need.

No adulting allowed on Friday night with our slumber party-themed welcome night, complete with dress-up and photo booth; relax while pampering yourself with a facial, skin treatment, and mani-pedis; and enjoy a heavy dose of giggles for those wanting to shake their thang or sing along to some music. Consider booking a  massage or reiki if you are feeling inclined to some extra bliss.

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Saturday we dive in and reset our souls with the serenity of sound bath and guided meditation.  Followed by powerful and connecting healing work of Sacred Circle Shared Emotional Release. We relax and create flow together creating our own auric portraits, and then end the night with intentional and meaningful rituals under the stars, where we share our hearts with one another and the universe.

Sunday morning starts gently with a mindful movement meditation & tea party to slow-roll us into brunch, and for those who are interested, enjoying extra add-on services, like massage or reiki, before we depart as friends, as sisters, as humans,deeply grounded, renewed, connected and full.

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160 St Dorothy Ave, Camp Meeker, CA 95419


This breathtaking location is tucked quietly amongst the towering redwood trees. It was established in 1901 after the Lincoln family lost their 8-year old daughter, Dorothy, to meningitis. So they created a place young people with critical illness could go to experience their healing in the hands of Nature, herself. The original buildings and feeling of the place has been preserved through these many years, and is very summer-camp-esque, with the vintage charm of years of hundreds of happy children running through these halls.


*Due to the rustic nature of the location, and stairs-only access to many parts of the retreat, physical mobility limitations are not able to be accommodated. Please contact us for more information.


You will get to choose either to have your own private room or shared room (each room having 2 single beds), bathrooms are shared. Linens, pillows, blankets, and towels provided.


Amazing, delicious, healthy meals will be served, with accommodations made for plant-based/vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, attendees. *Please contact us prior to registering to ensure any other dietary restrictions/accommodations arrangements can me made. Water, tea, and coffee will also be available. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and fun beverages and libations to enjoy as well.

Provided For

There will be a variety of structured and intentional time with occasional amounts of down time to rest, chat, wander in the trees, or just chill and be still. Whether you are sitting down for some much-need pampering time, or creating a portrait of your aura, all of the supplies you need, plus many extra goodies and gifts will be found at every corner. A recommended packing list will be provided, and you will always be welcome to bring your own provisions to add to the fun.

Extra Services

If you would like to up-level your experience even further with a reiki or massage, maybe even both, you can set an appointment with one of our practitioners on Friday afternoon before the retreat begins, as an add-on option. There will also be reiki, massage, and photography sessions on Sunday before departure, available as first come-first served, walk-in arrangement.



Appointments will take place on Friday before dinner, between 3:30pm and 6:30pm. If you wish to schedule an appointment, please reach out as soon as possible as availability is very limited.


All payments arrangements for the additional services will be made separately from your retreat reservations.

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*Activities and Timeline subject to adjustments and updates.

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