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Free Emotional Release Sessions

As a mother of many beloved pets over the years, I know first hand how terrifying and stressful fireworks are for pets, wild animals, and many young children. My cat, Charlie, and dog, Baxter, are perfect examples of the extreme level of fear as they hide, tremble, cry, and desperately try to hide. There's no way to explain that they aren't in danger, and that everything will be ok. It's heart-wrenching to not be able to do much about it except give them sedation, apply some calming remedies, and do my best to comfort them, which doesn't really seem to make them feel all much better, especially in the moment, quite honestly. 


Charlie and Baxter both trying to fit on my lap at the same time while the fireworks were going off last year.

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Until the end of July, I am offering free Emotional Release Sessions to any animal or child (with caregiver's consent and presence) suffering from fears, anxieties, traumas, and PTSD, especially surrounding fireworks. Up to 3 free sessions per individual, based on availability. 

When it comes to supporting our little ones through stress and anxiety, there aren't a ton of options. Emotional Release work is easy, simple, and doesn't require our child our pet to sit still and be cooperative. So...are you ready to see what happens when you give your loved ones the freedom of Emotional Release? It doesn't cost you anything to see if this can actually makes a real difference for your wee one. And I would love the chance to see if I can help them.

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